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Of course, by the time I got back to Maine, summer was almost exactly halfway over (I’m counting ”summer” as “June, July and August”, rather than going by solstices and equinoxes), but I’ve managed to get in a fair amount of interesting things in the two and a half months that have past since I got home.

I took a trip with Mom and Dad to the Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory. It’s been open since 2006, but none of us had gotten around to visiting it yet. So we took a day trip to Bucksport and went up the tower and saw the view, then visited the Fort.

View of the old and new bridges from the observation deck

View of Fort Knox and Bucksport

We took a weekend family trip to New Brunswick. We’d taken a trip there to visit the Hopewell Rocks nine years ago, and Matt and I had wanted to go on a jetboat ride at the Reversing Falls in Saint John, but we weren’t able to, so that’s what we did this year. The Reversing Falls occur when the enormous Fundy tides come in, sending water suring upstream at the mout of the river. It was great fun zipping through the rapids there. The next day, we visited St. Stephen and St. Andrews.

Reversing Falls jetboat ride

Picnic in St. Andrews

Every summer for the past thirteen years our family has spent a long weekend at a cabin on Ragged Lake, near Moosehead, which belongs to a friend of my Dad’s. This year Mom and Matt couldn’t make it, so it was just Dad and I. We had an excellent stay there, as always. On the way home we hiked Borestone Mountain.

At the cabin

View from Borestone Mountain

At the summit of Borestone

Mom, Matt and I also made our annual trip to Old Orchard Beach to visit Aunt Barb. We did pretty much the same things we do every year: went to the beach, went minigolfing, hung around and watched TV. This year we also went to Funtown, to go there one last time before Matt and I had outgrown it completely. Although frankly, I don’t think it’s possible to outgrow bumper boats and long flumes.

Matt, Aunt Barb and me behaving like mature adults

Skylar came back from her internship in Virginia this past weekend, and we finally got  to see each other for the first time in seven months. Unfortunately, she’s moved back to Farmington already to get settled in for school, so who knows when we’ll get to hang out again. This weekend, my family and I will all be going to the American Folk Festival in Bangor, of course, and then on Sunday I move back into UMaine and start classes on Monday. Which means that the summer is actually over and I’m going to be starting my senior year in college! Seriously, whatever happened to starting school after Labor Day?


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