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Le Mans again   Leave a comment

I still have lots of photos that I took during my stay in Le Mans that I haven’t published. I’ve just gone through and posted all the rest of them that I think are worth looking at on Flickr, starting here. You can check out a few of them below.

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Il reste encore beaucoup des photos qui j’ai pris pendant mon séjour au Mans qui je n’ai pas publié. Je viens juste de les parcourir, et j’ai téléchargé à Flickr tous les autres qui valent de le voir, à mon avis. Elles commencent ici. On peut voir quelques au-dessous.

Jardins Pierre de Ronsard *** Pierre de Ronsard Gardens

La Sarthe et le Vieux Mans *** The Sarthe and the Old City

Vieux bâtiments *** Old buildings

Le marché *** The farmer's market

Le vieux Mans *** The Old City

Tramway, Rue Gambetta

Le Mans at night *** Le Mans la nuit

Le Sablier au Parc de la Tessé *** The "Sablier" (Hourglass) in the Park de la Tessé

My new camera!   2 comments

I’m taking a digital photography course this semester. It’s been fairly challenging so far, mostly because taking good photos is a skill that can only be gained through hours and hours of practice. I figured this might be the last time I take an actual photography class, and I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity as best as I could, so I decided to buy a good camera. I already had a very nice point-and-shoot, but of course it lacked any control over F-stops (dilation of the aperture), shutter speed and ISO (sensitivity to light), and there’s a lot that can’t be adequately photographed without being able to manually adjust these parameters (scenes with difficult lighting are what often give a point-and-shoot trouble). So, I decided to spent $500 (that’s as cheap as they come) for an DSLR (“digital single-lens reflex” camera; a camera that uses a mirror in front of the shutter to reflect into the viewfinder, rather than using a separate lens for the viewfinder). I bought a Canon EOS Rebel XS, which includes F-stop, shutter speed and ISO controls, a detachable zoom lens, a hot shoe to attach a flash other than the built-in one, and the ability to shoot in RAW (digital cameras typically compress images and save them as JPEG files, which are smaller but lack the fine detail found in the original; RAW files are uncompressed, and while they take up more room, they allow much more room for manipulation before being saved as JPEGs). I haven’t really figured out how everything on it works, but it does take some very nice pictures.

Look at her, ain’t she a beaut?

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Dog days   Leave a comment

Today is my third day of classes, and everything is going well. Except, of course, for this awful heat! It’s 91° right now, with 43% humidity. Not pleasant. I’m sure they’d consider this to be balmy weather in other parts of the world, but as far as I’m concerned it’s nasty and oppressive and needs to go away.

“Dog days,” by the way, is a term that refers to the time between July and early September when the hottest and most stifling weather of the year occurs. It refers to Sirius, the “Dog Star,” the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major, which in the time of the Romans appeared on the horizon just before sunrise during this time of the year. It was thought that the star was responsible for the hot weather.

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