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I’m taking a digital photography course this semester. It’s been fairly challenging so far, mostly because taking good photos is a skill that can only be gained through hours and hours of practice. I figured this might be the last time I take an actual photography class, and I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity as best as I could, so I decided to buy a good camera. I already had a very nice point-and-shoot, but of course it lacked any control over F-stops (dilation of the aperture), shutter speed and ISO (sensitivity to light), and there’s a lot that can’t be adequately photographed without being able to manually adjust these parameters (scenes with difficult lighting are what often give a point-and-shoot trouble). So, I decided to spent $500 (that’s as cheap as they come) for an DSLR (“digital single-lens reflex” camera; a camera that uses a mirror in front of the shutter to reflect into the viewfinder, rather than using a separate lens for the viewfinder). I bought a Canon EOS Rebel XS, which includes F-stop, shutter speed and ISO controls, a detachable zoom lens, a hot shoe to attach a flash other than the built-in one, and the ability to shoot in RAW (digital cameras typically compress images and save them as JPEG files, which are smaller but lack the fine detail found in the original; RAW files are uncompressed, and while they take up more room, they allow much more room for manipulation before being saved as JPEGs). I haven’t really figured out how everything on it works, but it does take some very nice pictures.

Look at her, ain’t she a beaut?


Posted September 26, 2010 by benjaminsapiens in personal, photography

2 responses to “My new camera!

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