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The Studio Art Capstone course is required for graduating with a degree in Studio Art. As the name implies, it’s related to a capstone project, which is an exhibition the class puts on showcasing our work. The class is taken in the fall of senior year (more on that later). Because I was in France when I signed up for fall classes, I somehow didn’t realize that I needed to sign up for this class (it’s only offered in the fall, and it’s required for graduation). About a month into the semester, I realized I need to be in this class in order to graduate (again, more on that later). Fortunately I was able to get into the class, and I didn’t have too much trouble getting caught up. Besides getting the senior class exhibition set up, the class was concerned with teaching us the practical side to making a living as an artist: resumés, galleries, agents, career paths, etc.

The 2010 Senior Capstone Exhibition opened on December 3 in Lord Hall, and it will stay up until the middle of next week (January 20). It’s quite a nice show, with a lot of excellent work. I submitted my series of photographs from Le Mans. I would have liked to displayed them at a much larger scale – say, 15’x23′ rather than the 10’x15′ they are now – but they still make a nice display as they are now.

More photos of the show are here.

Impressions of Le Mans — Ben Richard


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