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So, the semester’s over. I’ve been spending this past week unpacking and tying up some loose ends. Originally, I was supposed to graduate this past semester, but that’s since been postponed a while. This was the last time I’ll ever live in a dorm, though. I’m going to be living at home while taking part-time classes until I get my degree. I’m looking for a summer job, since the job I’d had for four years at the USDA lab ended. And that’s pretty much all there is to tell.

Also, I do also have this pretty neat little animation that I created in my 3D Modeling & Animation class. I spend so much time working on this – 300 hours at least. I enjoyed almost every minute I spent on it, but I was a little disappointed to realize, once I looked at the finished product, that it only lasted 13 seconds. Anyway, it’s pretty cool (or at least I think it is).


Posted May 14, 2011 by benjaminsapiens in personal, school

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