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I saw Green Lantern back in June, and that got me thinking about the absurdity of a story featuring a hero with almost unlimited power. Green Lantern’s super power is his ring, which enables him to create anything he can imagine (albeit in the color green). This is an amazingly cool power, but a set-up like that seems a bit like those games we would play as children: “I’m as strong as Hercules!” “Yeah? Well I’m as strong as the universe!” “Yeah? Well, I’m as strong as infinity!” “Yeah well I’m as strong as infinity plus infinity!” “I’m as strong as infinity times infinity!” Just what are the limits of Green Lantern’s power? Could he, for example, stop all evil by imagining all the evildoers in the universe locked up inside an un-escapable prison? Do his powers have infinite range, or do they only work within a radius of, say, a lightyear or so?

Then it occurred to me, “Why doesn’t he just imagine a perfect world? The ring is capable of creating anything he can imagine, isn’t it?” Although all the things he creates with the ring vanish as soon as he stops using them, so maybe that’s why he couldn’t do that? I’ve never read any Green Lantern comics, so I wouldn’t know. Anyway, this gag came to me, and I started drawing it, and then I got really into drawing it, and a month later I finally have this to show. Just a really stupid gag, but I had a blast drawing it.


Posted July 21, 2011 by benjaminsapiens in art, cool, geeky

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