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These are the best of the photos I’ve taken over this past summer. I’m so grateful for my new fancy DSLR camera; it’s let me get so many pictures I wouldn’t have gotten with my old point-and-click. They say that a nice camera won’t improve the quality of a person’s photographs, and it’s true that the most high-tech camera is useless in the hands of an incompetent photographer. Nonetheless, the fact that I can shoot in RAW has let me take photos that were so dark you could barely make out what was in them and make them look like they were taken in broad daylight, and the with the camera’s fast processing speed I can take half a dozen shots in the time it would have taken me to shoot twice with my old camera. Definitely worth what I paid for it.

Anyway, here’s a pictorial record of summer 2011. You can see a few more over here too.

Matt's Graduation

OTHS Class of 2007

Camping on MDI with Mom, Matt & Aunt Barb - June

Bar Harbor


Matt and his girlfriend Anna : )



Inside a hollow tree trunk

Our annual family trip to a friend's cabin on Ragged Lake in northern Maine - August


Ragged Lake




Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor with Chris and Minnie and the girls - August

Wilbur from "Charlotte's Web"

The Tidely-Idely from Robert McCloskey's "Burt Dow, Deep Water-man"

Offloading cargo

Mattosaurus at the dino dig

Thompson Island

The ocean

Picking up shells


Sea life brick

Baby starfish

Bar Island


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