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This is xkcd. It’s “a webcomic about stick figures who do math, play with staple guns, mess around on the Internet, and have lots of sex.” It’s written and drawn by Randall Munroe, a computer programer and former NASA roboticist. Appreciating this comic requires a pretty through familiarity with science, mathematics, computers and pop culture, as well as an extremely childish sense of humor. It is incredibly nerdy.

*       *       *       *       *

This is Limerixkcd. It’s a collection of xkcd strips summarized in limerick form. Congratulations, whoever thought this up. You’ve found a way to make xkcd EVEN MORE nerdy.

Every Feb, the whole middle school crew
Reads Wiki’s debunking list through,
So they won’t annoy smarties
At future drinks parties –
How I wish that this statement were true!

There’s one thing online libertarians
Whether striplings or sexagenarians
All hold in their hearts
And that’s diamond-shaped charts –
They’re baseball fans crossed with contrarians.

If you do a nice thing and show parity
Between buying yourself things and charity
Some still will implore
You to give even more
While scrooges are spared their vulgarity.

The twenty eight words in my rhyme
Have vowels forty seven – a prime.
Its five lines (a surety)
And syllables thirty
Plus six, letters hold one one nine.

*       *       *       *       *

But you know what’s even MORE NERDY than that?

Probably the fact that when I read those limericks, I hear them in in Carl Kasell’s voice.

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