St. Baldrick’s II: The Re-Baldening   Leave a comment

Last year I took part in the St. Baldrick’s fundraiser put on by our UMaine Circle K by shaving my head to raise money against childhood cancer. It was an incredible success. We had 119 people shave their heads on Maine Day last year, and we raised a total of $14,363 for research toward a cure for childhood caner – which was incredible, considering that our original goal was $2,000.

We held another fundraiser this year, and I shaved my head again this past Wednesday. The novelty of the event had worn off, unfortunately, and it wasn’t the same runaway success it was last year. Still, we managed to raise over $9,000 and we had about 100 people shave their heads, so we were more than happy with the results. Personally, I had more success raising money this year than last year. A year ago, I got $85 in donations for shaving my head; this year, I got $110. A huge thanks to everyone who sent donations my way, I really appreciate the support. If anyone still wants to make a contribution, you can head over to my St. Baldrick’s page  and make a donation there.

Here are some pictures of the event. I’ve posted these and a few more over here. You can also watch a news report from WABI TV5 and WLBZ 2, and the Bangor Daily News’ top picture of the day for Wednesday features me (well, not my face, but most of the rest of me is there).


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