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Family Portrait

Aunt Barb’s birthday

Matt’s spending Christmas in Germany again this year, so Aunt Barb gave him his present early. She actually bought him that knitted beard hat you always see ads for on Facebook.

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Gloucester   Leave a comment

Mom and Dad and I took a weekend trip to visit Gloucester.

We got to see my incredibly adorable little cousins.
The little one was born just after our visit last year.
Her sister we’ve seen a couple times before, but this visit the two of us became buddies.

More photos here

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Halloween ’12   Leave a comment

I went trick-or-treating with Circle K collecting change for UNICEF’s Six Cents Initative, so I grabbed some of Dad’s old turnout gear from the basement and went as a firefighter.

The mustache is my own, enhanced with some mascara.

The jack-o-lantern is meant to show that this is a Halloween costume, and that I’m not, y’know, actually a firefighter.

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