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St. Baldrick’s on Maine Day: Part III   Leave a comment

Wednesday was UMaine Circle K’s Third Annual St. Baldrick’s on Maine Day, and it was a pretty fantastic success.

Circle K is the Kiwanis-affiliated collegiate service organization, not the gas station.

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a charity which raises awareness and funding for the fight against childhood cancer with head-shaving events like ours. Since the first heads were shaved in 2000, over $100 million dollars has been raised to support life-saving pediatric cancer research.

Maine Day has been the University of Maine’s yearly day of service and outdoor fun during the last week of classes since 1935.

We had 110 people shave their heads and we raised $12,480 to fund research for treatment of childhood cancer.

I personally was able to raise $135 thanks to the generosity of my relatives and a couple of Mom’s colleagues. All three years I’ve managed to raise more than the year before. Thanks so much to everyone who donated. And my fundraising page is here, if anyone would still like to make a donation – it’s not too late.


This year, we got to see firsthand just what a great cause we’ve been supporting these past three years. Five-and-a-half year old Thiago came to the event and his mom, Johanna Barrett, spoke to us about his fight with brain cancer. When it comes to treating something as terrible as cancer in a child, even the smallest advances in treatment can make a world of difference – like the new, less painful IVs that have recently been developed.

Thiago and Johanna came with Travis Blackmer, a UMaine grad student who shaved his head in honor of his young friend’s struggle with cancer. Thiago adorably helped shave Travis’ head, and then adorably helped vacuum up the cut hair piling up on the ground.

You can (and I highly recommend you do) watch Johanna, Travis and Thiago on this segment from CBS TV 5.


Our MC Wesley Wood interviews Travis, while Thiago shaves his friend’s
head with some help from one of our volunteer barbers.

Photo by Debbie Krupke

Photo by Debbie Krupke


Photo by Debbie Krupke


Photo by Debbie Krupke


Photo by Debbie Krupke

RIP Charlie Slavin   Leave a comment

Head of UMaine Honors College dies unexpectedly

By Nick McCrea, BDN Staff
Posted JULY 30, 2012, at 6:49 p.m.
Charlie Slavin

ORONO, Maine — Charles Slavin, the man at the helm of the University of Maine’s honors program for the past 15 years, died unexpectedly but peacefully at his home on Monday morning, according to the university.

The 58-year-old mathematician was a jack of many trades who affected the lives of many who passed through the honors program over the years, according to Honors College graduate and state Rep. Emily Cain, D-Orono.

“At heart, he was a student of philosophy and history” who sought to understand society, arts and sports, not just numbers.

“Charlie was really my first friend at the University of Maine,” Cain said.

Cain joined the honors program at UMaine in 1998, largely because of Slavin’s support and encouragement to do so, she said. She graduated from the program in 2002, the same year Slavin successfully transitioned the program into an Honors College.

“Charlie took the work he did here very seriously and very personally,” Cain said.

I just can’t imagine the Honors College without him. I’m sure it’ll continue on as strong as ever, but it really won’t be the same without Charlie leading it.

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Bald   1 comment

Well, like I promised, I got my head shaved this past Wednesday. So I’m bald now. Actually, for the sake of safety and quickness, they only shaved people down to 1/8 in, and it’s started to grow back in pretty quickly, but I’m still pretty close to being authentically bald. I managed to raise $85, so thanks a bunch to everyone who donated. If you’d still like to give something, you can still head over to my profile and make a donation even though it’s after the event.

The even was a great success all the way around. All in all, we raised $14,363 for research toward a cure for childhood caner, and over 100 people got shaved over the course of four hours. The weather was looking a bit iffy on Wednesday (although the rain did end up holding off for us) so our venue was moved from the riverbank next to the Steam Plant to the Field House. With the overcast skies and the BBQ being held indoors instead of outside and the field games taking place on the other side of campus, I’d thought we’d have had trouble holding a crowd for the whole four hours, but we had a very respectable audience right until the end. I brought in the Shop-Vac from home to clean up all the cut hair, and the thing was complete filled twice with all the hair. Have you ever seen an 8-gallon tank stuffed to the brim with human hair? It was one of the grossest things I have ever seen in my life. Clumps of cut hair sitting on the floor of a barbershop? Messy, but not at all disgusting. Pounds of severed hair mashed together into a giant hairball? Pretty unnerving. Seriously, though, it was really cool to watch person after person get up on stage and get bald, especially when the ladies did it (we had at least a dozen or so of them get shaved). When we first started planning this event, our fundraising goal was $2,000. In March, we’d already surpassed that, and we increased our goal to $5,000, and then to $7,500, and then to $10,000, and by the end of the big day we’d made over $14,000. Not too bad, I’d say. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible.

There are a few more of my photos from the event here. There’s also a video of one of the girls getting her head shaved, reports by WLBZ 2 and WABI TV 5.

Getting shaved

Money raised

This, by the way, is the shortest I’ve ever had my hair, ever. Even when I was first born I had a nice head of hair, so this is quite a departure. Maybe I’ll keep it short this summer? Or grow it back out again? We’ll see.